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Safely stored and ready for pickup at any time!

You would like to leave your vehicle in a safe place in Germany? You do not have enough space or suitable storage facilities for your high-quality vehicle, classic car or sports car? Are you interested in the best possible value retention of a decommissioned car? Then we are your partner for the storage of your vehicle.


With us your car is protected from the weather and safe! We have suitable facilities for professional storage. Your car will be stored in a dry, clean and alarm-protected place. Whether for only a few weeks, several months or even years – your car is always in good hands with us. Professional storage means more than simply parking. Even a car that has not been moved needs maintenance and care. That’s why your vehicle goes through a systematic process with us:

Pick-up & delivery service: upon request, we will pick up the vehicle from you and transport it to the location of your choice after storage;

Upon pickup and arrival at the storage location, we check the vehicle for any damage and record it;

if necessary - we perform a complete cleaning;

then the condition of the vehicle is thoroughly checked and photographically documented, accessories and other parts are inventoried;

during the storage we take care of all necessary maintenance and care work - for example by constant charging and discharging of the battery, avoidance of stationary damages, fulfillment of necessary technical inspection and service appointments;

when you want to take over the vehicle, you can be sure that everything is in perfect working order and ready to drive.

We will be happy to make you an offer for the storage of your vehicle.

Our solutions

Purchase assistance

Support in the search as well as purchase price negotiation & settlement.


Your safe, clean and alarm-protected place for your vehicle in Germany,


Best possible transport handling by sea or air freight to the final destination.

car detailing

Taking care that your vehicle is always in best condition and presented in TOP appearance.


Outsourcing your complete management of just one vehicle or your whole fleet.

Sales assistance

Ensure your vehicle is properly represented on the market and sold at an attractive price.


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