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Car purchase in Germany/EU from abroad made easy!

For prospective car buyers from abroad who wish to purchase a vehicle in Germany/EU, we offer special services that make the car purchase safer, easier and more beneficial.

Purchase assistance services

Especially when it comes to high-quality vehicles or car rarities – buying “at a distance” is always associated with risks, effort and costs for prospective buyers from abroad. It gets even more complicated when language barriers hamper communication.

Not if you use our purchase assistance – a service with real added value that pays off for you. Our fees are transparent and profitable. We support you with know-how and expertise in your car purchase – as your advisor and representative “on site”.

we advise you on the possibilities of buying a car and help you with the purchase decision;

we screen the market for you for good offers according to your wishes, also beyond common portals and exchanges;

we check sales offers for you - both from a legal and technical point of view;

we negotiate the best price for you with the seller;

we are available to answer your questions at any time during the purchase process.

Net car purchase

Benefit from our net car purchase if you want to acquire a car in Germany/EU for export. You will gain valuable liquidity that you can use anywhere else.

What is this all about? If you buy your vehicle directly from a German dealer, you must either pay 19 percent VAT or – in the case of a net purchase – pay a VAT deposit, which is only refunded when the vehicle is actually exported. This can take several weeks or even months, depending on the circumstances, ties up liquidity and during this time there is also a risk of exchange rate fluctuations. Many dealers do not even conduct net sales for export purposes for various reasons.

With our net car purchase you overcome such hurdles and save yourself the hassle. We buy the vehicle for you in our name on a gross basis, i.e. including VAT. You purchase the vehicle from us on a net basis – without German VAT or a deposit in the same amount. The taxation then takes place only at the import of the destination country according to the regulations applicable there.


Your benefits:

  • more liquidity without the risk of exchange rate fluctuations;
  • wider choice of dealers and sellers;
  • You can negotiate gross prices;
  • You have an absolutely reputable contractual partner with interesting additional services;

We will be happy to advise you on net car purchase as well as vehicle transfer. Make use of our services in the field of transport & logistics! We transport your vehicle to virtually any place in the world – from the dealer to you “on site” including handling of all formalities!

Our solutions

Purchase assistance

Support in the search as well as purchase price negotiation & settlement.


Your safe, clean and alarm-protected place for your vehicle in Germany,


Best possible transport handling by sea or air freight to the final destination.

car detailing

Taking care that your vehicle is always in best condition and presented in TOP appearance.


Outsourcing your complete management of just one vehicle or your whole fleet.

Sales assistance

Ensure your vehicle is properly represented on the market and sold at an attractive price.


Let us now how we can assist you!